There?s nothing like leaking pipes, a leaking roof, or broken appliances to start your day! If you?ve recently been affected by water damage, you?re not alone. Millions of people every year deal with the harsh realities of water damage and are thrown into the hustle to have everything repaired, dried, and remediated. However, the challenge is that some individuals simply don?t know where to start. It?s very stressful, but there are a few tips that you can use for DIY water restoration in Pompano Beach.?


Water Restoration Professionals

We know that we mentioned there are a few DIY steps that you can take, though we?d truly recommend calling the experts. The reason being is that when water damage makes an appearance, it?s already seeped into hard-to-reach crevices and cracks that can be very challenging to dry. In the state of Florida, it?s not uncommon for water damage to turn into mold damage, especially with the high levels of humidity that accompany almost every type of weather pattern. While professionals can help you safely and efficiently restore your home or office back into tip-top shape, there are a few things you can do on your own. Keep reading to learn more!?


Step One: Disconnect Power?

If it?s safe to do so, we recommend disconnecting the power and removing any items that are plugged in away from the outlets. Sometimes, this isn?t safe to do so be sure to check your surroundings. Make sure there is no standing water around and ensure that there is no water on the outlet itself. Even standing in a small puddle can be a danger. Be extra careful around gas lines and major appliances, as those can come with higher voltages, explosions, and severe shocks.?


Step Two: Remove Valuables?

Keep your valuables safe and out of harm’s way. This can include furniture, jewelry, family portraits or heirlooms, electronics, and any other valuable items in the home. For those that have artwork, you?ll want to remove this as well. Humidity and other residues can ruin the surface of your painting or lead to mold.?


Step Three: Check for Mold?

Mold can come quickly and it can appear in the places we least expect. If you are dealing with water damage you?ll want to consider this and think of all the places mold could be located. Keep in mind that mold can settle on walls, in closets, plants, and even furniture. You?ll want to double-check any and everything that could have come in contact with water to prevent spreading and health issues.?


Step Four: Dry Excess Water?

Standing water that is left on the floor can lead to water damage and other issues. If you plan on filing an insurance claim you?ll want to take pictures of the water before cleaning it, as they will serve as extra proof of the damage that was done. But as soon as this is done, you?ll want to clean it up. If left for too long water can seep into your flooring causing warping, bulging, structural damage, and more.?


The Final Step is to Contact the Experts!

At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc., we?re the professionals in water damage care, meaning that we know what it takes to help you clean, clear, and repair with safety and efficiency. While we recognize that some individuals may want to take repairs into their own hands, we also know just how damaging water can be. It seems to be the calmest of all the natural forces, but rarely is it acknowledged that water can cause devastation in the home?s foundations, mold growth, and bacteria issues. Our team has the equipment necessary to assess the damage, clean the water, check for mold, remediate mold, and dry out the property entirely. Save yourself time and money by hiring the professionals at MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. We?re here to help with water restoration in Pompano Beach! With over 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, why choose anywhere else? Contact a member of our team today at 954-787-3961.?