303, 2020

Water Damage Remediation Pompano Beach

March 3rd, 2020|

Providing the Best Water Damage Remediation in Pompano Beach

Living in South Florida comes with plenty of perks but it can also mean that your home and your lifestyle could change drastically. In what aspect? Everyone knows that South Florida weather can be truly temperamental. Our infamous hurricane season typically starts on June 1st and goes on ‘till November. This event torments homeowners and business owners in the area, in many cases leaving them with thousands of dollars in reparations. One of the restoration projects you will want to invest in is water remediation in Pompano Beach. MVP Environmental Solutions is known for providing affordable and quality restoration services. Here are two reasons, why you should consider employing a team to handle your remediation job right away.

1) Combat Black Mold with Water Damage Remediation Pompano Beach

If there’s even the smallest presence of stagnant water in your home, that could be conducive to the immediate creation of black mold. Toxic black mold can be quite dangerous, as its toxins can spread throughout your home affecting you, your family and your pets. The bacteria can infect your personal items, utensils, and other items. All of which are reasons why you should instantly reach out to a team of professionals. Do not attempt to treat the mold yourself.

2) Stop Black Mold from Affecting Your Place of Business with Water Damage Remediation in Pompano Beach

Concerned about the possibility of black mold negatively impacting your business? Your concern is completely valid, so it’s great that you’re at least aware of it. Now, it’s equally important that you are taking the right steps to ensure that your place of business doesn’t take a hit. Once you notice there’s a problem, you will first want to contact a team of specialists that can professionally handle the matter. The experts at MVP Environmental Solutions will perform thorough checks to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. When you need help tackling mold, or any other issues caused by excessive water, contact the brilliant team at MVP Environmental Solutions. Give us a call at (954) 247-9444 or visit our website to find out more about our services, hours of operation, and much more!

1502, 2020

Employ a Team of Experts for Flood Damage Restoration in Pompano Beach

February 15th, 2020|

Let’s be honest, South Florida floods pretty quickly, and many of us are affected when it happens. At times, the flood can be of such a great magnitude that it enters your home,  ruining furniture, damaging floors and leaving you in a very difficult position. It’s no secret that these damages lead to very expensive repairs that can amount to thousands of dollars. When you’re put in this position, the recommendation is that you reach out to a team of specialists that can help you get back on your feet. MVP Environmental Solutions is known for helping members of the community recover during these harsh times. Our excellent flood damage restoration services in Pompano Beach are a clear example of our commitment to helping you tackle such issues. In this blog, we’ll cover a couple of reasons why we have become the preferred choice for South Florida citizens.    


Years of Experience & a Wonderful Team Make Us the Best Company for Flood Damage Restoration in Pompano Beach    

MVP Environmental Solutions has a long history of aiding people through such frustrating and stressful times. When your home has been impacted by flooding, it’s vital to reach out to a team that can handle it with a level of efficacy and timeliness. Our team has been serving South Florida since 2011 and has a vast list of customers, which we have maintained long-standing relationships with and continue to serve today. Furthermore, we serve clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties and beyond. Here, at MVP Environmental Solutions, we believe in understanding the customer’s needs and expectations before we begin working on any restoration project. Once committed to a project, our technicians handle it with an extreme level of skill and in a timely manner.  


MVP Environmental Solutions: 24/7 Flood Damage Restoration in Pompano Beach   


When disaster strikes you need someone who can work diligently to solve the issue. The fact is that with flood cases, in particular, there’s no time to waste. The sooner you can get started, the better chance you have of saving your belongings and preventing further damage to your home. Once our team arrives, we get to work right away. Removing excess water with various extraction equipment including vacuums, compression extractors, and other high-quality machinery that helps up get the job done!  When looking for a team that can expertly handle flood damage restoration in Pompano Beach, contact MVP Environmental Solutions at (954) 247-9444. 

2001, 2020

When it Comes to Water Damage, Every Second Counts!

January 20th, 2020|

If you have recently noticed a leaking appliance or air conditioner unit, there is a good chance you’ll suffer water damage if you do not seek immediate water damage restoration in Pompano Beach. The faster you begin the water removal and remediation process, the less water damage will occur in your home or office. However, the longer you wait, the higher the risk. Immediate water damage restoration prevents the following disasters that are often associated with prolonged water damage exposure:

Mold Growth.  If the leak or flood is not attended to within 48 hours, mold will begin to grow, causing a need for water damage remediation. Mold could also affect the health of those in your home or office who inhale it if left untreated.

Water damage destroys everything it touches. Water damage, if left untreated for too long, can do some serious damage, especially to your furniture and personal belongings. When you call on the team at MVP Environmental Solutions to help with your water damage restoration in Pompano Beach, you can avoid future damage. Rest assured that we will remove the water quickly and then begin the drying process.

Structural damage to your property. If you’ve recently experienced a flood, drywall, ceilings, subfloors, and wood elements can become damaged and even destroyed if the water is not removed promptly. The longer the water is allowed to set in, the more damage you can expect.

What are the steps for water damage and flood restoration:

  1. Evacuate

The safety of your family or building occupants is the priority. Once the area has been safely evacuated, and we’ve determined the water to be safe for our flood restoration experts to begin, MVP will continue with the water damage restoration in Pompano Beach.

  1. Cleaning up

MVP Environmental Solutions utilizes the highest grade extraction equipment available to clean up your water damage. We start by removing all excess water through a variety of tools such as vacuums and compression extractors.

  1. Drying process

With our specialized drying and dehumidifying equipment, we can minimize or eliminate the potential for further damage, such as mold growth. Our expert knowledge and superior equipment allow us to customize your water damage solution, so you get the best results!

  1. Assess

To make sure we maintain optimal drying conditions at all times, we monitor the progress of your home daily and continue to adjust drying conditions if necessary. We take pride in our work and won’t leave until you get the best possible results.

If you are interested in learning more about the restoration services available at MVP Environmental Solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer more services than just water damage restoration in Pompano Beach, and we work with both residential and commercial clients. We believe everyone should have an expert restoration team on speed dial, especially during the hurricane season in South Florida. When you have suffered property damage from water or mold, call the expert water damage restoration specialists at (954) 247-9444. Because when it comes to cleaning up water damage in Pompano Beach, every second counts!

701, 2020

Do You Need Expert Mold Testing in Plantation?

January 7th, 2020|

While it may not be the most pleasant thing to think about, it is important to stay on top of mold growth in your living environment, especially in Plantation, where it can be hot and humid most days of the year. Mold thrives in damp conditions and, if left untreated too long, can destroy your property and become a health hazard to you and your family. MVP Environmental Solutions is here to help residential homes and commercial buildings identify mold, find its location, and eliminate it. However, mold testing in Plantation is the first step in protecting your property and those who reside in it. If you are unsure if you should get your property tested for mold, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • If you have recently experienced a leak in your home
  • If you can smell mold or mildew
  • If you need to find the location of the mold
  • If you need to measure the number of spores in the air
  • If you have recently removed mold from your home and you want to make sure it is completely gone.

Most people are not exactly sure what mold looks like because it often looks like a brownish-black dirt stain on your walls or ceiling. Here are three of the most common signs of mold:

  1. Strange odor

If you smell something out of the ordinary like mildew, you may have mold growth in your home.  Try and locate where the smell is strongest to find the source of the problem. However, mold detection can be difficult without the proper equipment. If you suspect mold, it is best to call the expert technicians at MVP Environmental Solutions. We will thoroughly test, identify the strain, and remove it for you safely.

  1. Visible growth

Mold does not always stay hidden; sometimes, it can grow even in the most visible of places. However, most people do not recognize or notice it until it’s too late. It is important to note that mold’s color can appear black, white, gray-green, or even gray-brown.  Always look for any unusual growth, especially in areas that receive high moisture such as bathrooms, garages, and laundry rooms.

  1. Water damage

Areas that are susceptible to water damage are prime locations for mold to grow. Look out for any water stains on your walls, ceilings, and floor. Discoloration could mean that mold is already forming beneath the surface and causing some damage.

How do I get started?

At MVP Environmental Solutions, we offer three options for mold testing in Plantation. These options include air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing. Once the test samples are complete, we will create culture tests to identify the mold species in your home or business accurately.

If you are interested in finding out more about mold testing in Plantation, don’t hesitate to call the expert technicians at MVP Environmental Solutions us at (954) 247-9444. We can help remediate the mold from your property and return it to its original state. Our team will ensure that you and your family live happily in your home mold-free for years to come.

3112, 2019

What Steps to Expect from a Flood Restoration Service in Pompano Beach

December 31st, 2019|

If you’re in need of a flood restoration service in Pompano Beach, chances are you’re feeling a bit stressed out. It’s not a surprise, and you certainly aren’t alone. There are many people who are facing flooding as we speak! At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. we know how scary it can be to go through a flood scenario. Fortunately, we’re here to help. With a vast history in water damage, mold damage, and even fire damage, we’re the team to help you secure your property and start fresh. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps we take. That way, when you call, you’ll know what to expect!

Every Second Counts for Flood Restoration Services in Pompano Beach

Whether it’s the laundry room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the living room, there’s nothing fun about a flood and all rooms are just as devastating as the next. The first step for any property owner is to remove any valuables as soon as possible. This includes rugs, wooden furniture, and any accents that could become ruined. Water, as mentioned, can dig its way into numerous surfaces, so it’s best to only replace a piece of drywall or the floor, as opposed to timeless furniture pieces you can’t simply rebuy.

Once everything is clear and everyone seems to be safe, the experts at MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. will begin removing excess water using extraction equipment. The extraction equipment ranges from vacuums, squeegees, compression extractors, and more. If there are any materials that could not be saved, we’ll remove those as well. Examples of these materials are drywall, flooring, or baseboards.

Once we work to dry the area, we use air techniques to get the remainder of the moisture out. Using dehumidifying machines, we’re able to slowly but surely extract. We do mold checks and monitor the drying process regularly to ensure that we’re cleaning up all of the mess. Because mold can grow within 24-hours in perfect conditions, you’ll want to have a professional help you immediately. What are mold conditions? It must be humid and moist, which is a weather pattern South Florida knows well.

If you’re facing water damage, contact the experts at MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. to fix this issue once and for all. We have years of experience in the industry, and we know what to look for when it comes to keeping your home or office safe. We serve all types of clients from business owners to homeowners, to property owners. Whatever the case may be, you can count on MVP for water damage and removal, mold inspection and testing, fire damage, smoke damage, and floor or storm flooding. Seconds count when dealing with water damage, so call us immediately at 954-247-9444. We offer a free property assessment, and with all of our five-star reviews, we’re sure that you’ll be leaving one of your own in no time! Call today for some of the top flood restoration services in Pompano Beach.

3112, 2019

What is the Importance of Mold Testing in Pompano Beach?

December 31st, 2019|

We spend much of our time inside. We sleep there, love our family there, and practice beautiful practices each and every day. Therefore, one would imagine that the quality of the home would be at the top of anyone’s list. Yet, most people don’t realize just how dangerous elements of their house could be. There could be devastations lurking in plain sight. Mold is one of these intruders and it’s not uncommon that it causes health issues in the lungs of loved ones. It’s important for mold testing in Pompano Beach and beyond in order to ensure that everyone stays safe, healthy, and secure.

What Causes the Need for Mold Testing in Pompano Beach?

Mold grows in areas where it is dark and damp. Some examples of an area such as this would be within walls during a pipe break, inside AC units, and underneath floorboards that had one too many appliance leaks. Whatever the case may be, homeowners often don’t realize just how many opportunities there are for mold to become an unwelcomed, yet silent, visitor. The downside about mold is that not all types are visible to the human eye, making it very easy to miss. Fortunately, with mold testing, homeowners can have a better awareness of their family’s health and wellness.

At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. we offer mold testing as one of our top services. As water damage repair experts, it’s no question that these two issues generally go hand-in-hand. Leaks sometimes go unnoticed, especially if they’re hidden. Alternatively, homeowners assume that a simple towel-dry clean-up will be enough. Water sinks into surfaces rather quickly, and leave long-lasting, damaging effects.

We use incredible machinery that is able to detect mold. We begin our service by inspecting the property for any visually noticeable signs of mold. Any airborne or surface particles we may see, we take note of. We also want to identify what type of mold we’re dealing with. There are some that are more dangerous than others, which may change the way we deal with the problem. Some of the most common side effects of mold damage are headaches, flu or allergy-like symptoms, itchy eyes, troubles breathing, plenty of sneezing, and more. If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best to call a mold expert right away.

At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. we strive to help our clients find the source and repair as quickly as possible. We know that you have a busy life, and the last thing you need is another issue on your hands. Fortunately, however, our team has many years of experience, professionalism, and craftsmanship. We’re here to solve your mold problem once and for all. Simply give us a call at 954-247-9444 and see how we can help you clean up the mess.

1811, 2019

Your First Call for Mold in Boca Raton

November 18th, 2019|

Whenever mold grows in your house, trouble is brewing. Mold growth can present various health risks, including upper respiratory symptoms, coughing, wheezing, and possible development of asthma in children. When mold grows, you need to act fast. Luckily, MVP Environmental Solutions is available to tackle any mold remediation project in Boca Raton.

Mold Testing

MVP Environmental Solutions is licensed to inspect both commercial and residential buildings in Boca Raton for evidence of mold. MVP Environmental Solutions has a variety of testing and sampling equipment that will find and collect mold in various locations to be sent for further testing. After working with our technicians and consulting with Certified Environmental Hygienists, we can classify and determine the extent of damage that has occurred in your building. We can then provide you with possible solutions to remedy this mold problem and determine the best course of action for you.

Mold Removal

After a Mold Test has been conducted, allow MVP Environmental Solutions to perform a mold remediation project to safely dispose and thoroughly clean your commercial or residential building. MVP Environmental Solutions begins with identifying problem areas and removing the source of the mold growth safely and properly. The objective with all mold removal projects from MVP Environmental Solutions is to solve the problem with the minimal amount of work to avoid demolition. However, if major work is required, MVP Environmental Solutions’ experts handle the removal project with the utmost care and caution, adhering to strict industry standards.

Once the affected area has been removed, MVP Environmental Solutions proceeds to conduct a rough clean, followed by a micro-clean to ensure the area has been thoroughly swabbed and cleaned. Every mold remediation project is finished with a post-remediation test to ensure the environment is clear of mold and safe for your family or building occupants to return to. At MVP Environmental Solutions, we strive to remedy your mold problem efficiently and effectively so you can get back to your life quickly and with peace of mind.

Since 2011, MVP Environmental Solutions has been serving the people of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. Using the latest and best equipment available, MVP Environmental Solutions can handle any emergency. From mold remediation to fire to smoke damage, MVP Environmental Solutions’ management team has seen everything. Let MVP Environmental Solutions work for you so that whatever emergency comes your way, the job gets done right the first time.

Available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, call MVP Environmental Solutions at (954) 247-9444! Interested in other services that MVP Environmental Solutions provides? Visit our website at https://mvpmold.com for additional information or sign up for a free On-Property Assessment.

711, 2019

Your Premier Water Remediator in Pompano Beach

November 7th, 2019|

Life in Pompano Beach can be pleasant, but emergencies still can occur. One of the worst things to walk into is a foot of standing water in your kitchen. Not only are you wet and uncomfortable, but your kitchen floor and cabinets are damaged! But before you panic, realize that this emergency happens to someone every day. That’s why the experts MVP Environmental Solutions offer 24-hour emergency service! Although today is your unlucky day, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Allow MVP Environmental Solutions to come and remove the standing water so you can return to your kitchen and begin remodeling.

Water damage service is one of MVP Environmental Solutions’ most common services utilized by our clients. Whether it’s your laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom, the longer the water sits, the more damage it causes. At MVP Environmental Solutions, the safety and health of your family or building occupants is our priority. Once their safety is secured, then we can begin our water remediation process.

The first step to our remediation process begins with extracting the excess water. MVP Environmental Solutions uses a variety of equipment, including vacuums, squeegees, and compression extractors, to thoroughly remove standing water inside your home or office. If there are any unsalvageable materials, we will remove the content to stop the water from spreading to minimize primary damage. Once the standing water is removed, MVP Environmental Solutions begins to dry the affected area. MVP Environmental Solutions begins the drying process by carefully controlling the airflow, temperature, and humidity through our top-of-the-line equipment. By using our specially designed equipment, MVP Environmental Solutions can eliminate or minimize the possibility of rotting or mold growth.

The final step to MVP Environmental Solutions’ remediation process is monitoring the affected area. MVP Environmental Solutions monitors the situation daily by taking detailed psychometric readings of the affected area to ensure the drying conditions are perfectly balanced. If for any reason, the drying conditions are not perfectly balanced, we adjust our equipment to fit our predetermined drying goals and let you get back into your home or office as quickly as possible.

Based out of Pompano Beach, MVP Environmental Solutions has been serving the people of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties since 2011. Using the latest and best equipment available, MVP Environmental Solutions can handle any emergency. From mold remediation to fire to smoke damage, MVP Environmental Solutions’ management team has seen everything. Let MVP Environmental Solutions work for you so that whatever emergency comes your way, the job gets done right the first time.

Available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, call MVP Environmental Solutions at (954) 247-9444!

MVP Environmental Solutions also offers a free On-Property Assessment. Visit our website at https://mvpmold.com or call us today to get started.

1510, 2019

Hire the Best Water Damage Service in Pompano Beach

October 15th, 2019|

Since residents of South Florida are prone to heavy rainfall and tropical storms from time to time, homeowners are always advised to keep a watchful eye on their property to protect it from any potential water damage. Gale force winds and torrential downpours from major storms almost always mean flooding, and when water threatens to damage your home or business, you need to act quickly to clean it up. If you wait too long, it can result in further damage down the road like mold and mildew. But who do you trust to clean up your water damage? If you want your water damage service performed by a trusted company with decades of experience, then look no further than MVP Environmental Solutions. Our expert technicians can quickly clean up any potential damage and restore your home or business to normal.

What do you look for in a water damage clean-up service?

When you are looking for a company to clean-up your water damage, they should ideally have a proven history and track record of success. MVP Environmental Solutions has been helping South Florida families with damage to their homes from water, fire, wind, and mold for over 40 years. Our certified professional technicians are available 24/7 to help clean up and dry out your property with the latest water damage remediation techniques. Here’s what to look for in a water damage service:

  • How long have they been in business? With 40 years of combined experience, MVP Environmental Solutions has been in business longer than most local disaster restoration businesses in the South Florida area.
  • Check out reviews and testimonials on home improvement websites and websites other than their own. MVP has glowing testimonials from satisfied customers in the Pompano Beach community and throughout South Florida.
  • Check out their certifications and proven awards of excellence. MVP Environmental Solutions has been awarded Angie’s List Super Service, is Home Advisor Top Rated, is a Broward County Certified firm, and a Parkland Chamber of Commerce member.

What to expect when the team at MVP Environmental Solutions arrives at your home:

The experts at MVP Environmental Solutions are ready to work the moment they get to your home. At that point, we will assess the situation and come up with a plan of action. Your customized plan will be based on the extent of the water damage that you have suffered. We will look carefully at the walls, ceiling, and floors to make sure that everything has dried out completely. Our dry-out and dehumidification processes significantly reduce the total costs of your repairs.

And most importantly, it will reduce the potential danger of mold. If you need water damage services in Pompano Beach, don’t hesitate to call on our expert team today at (954) 247-9444 or visit our website at www.mvpmold.com. Reach out to today to learn more about us and what we can do for you or to schedule an appointment for a free water damage assessment. We are available 24-hours a day to our customers for emergency damage services.