Penicillium is one of the most common genera of fungi and is widely found in soil, decaying vegetative matter and in the air. They are also commonly found indoors on surfaces such as foods (cereal, fruit, vegetables, dried fruit), house dust, fabrics, leather, wallpaper and wallpaper glue.

This mold can cause hay fever and asthma but can also have more serious implications, too. Penicillium spores are occasionally to blame for causes of infection in humans as a disease called Penicilliosis. It has been isolated in patients with ailments ranging from keratitis and pneumonia to peritonitis and urinary tract infections. Penicillium produces a mycotoxin, ochratoxin A, which is not only nephrotoxic (kidney-damaging) but also carcinogenic. Let MVP protect you from any of the ill effects of this strain. Call us today to find out how.

Having a high standard of air quality will reduce the risks from the Penicillium genus. Call us today to discuss how we can get your home happy, healthy and mold-free!

Water Damage and Mold Growth can cause many health problems.

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