How can a person protect their home from one of the strongest storms produced by mother nature? It seems that no matter what you do, you?ll still be at risk for a flooded home, broken appliances, or a damaged roof. The truth is that you can?t stop Mother Nature from her downpours and winds, but you can take action to ensure that your home stays safe during these serious storms. At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc., many of our clients come from post-hurricane damages. If you?ve been wondering how to protect your home from water, keep reading!?

What are the Risks??

Before we dive into ways to protect your home, it?s important to understand what we?re protecting your house from. During a hurricane, some of the biggest risks are floods, high winds, storm surges, and heavy rains. The wind can tear shingles from housing, leaving the roof vulnerable and exposed. A vulnerable roof can lead to a leaking roof, which can ultimately lead to internal water damage. Storm surges can affect homes located near the water, as the water can brush up against the doors, surpassing even the thickest of sandbags. Not only is water damage extremely devastating, but it?s also expensive to repair. The cost increases if mold or mildew grows, which is not out of the question in the state of Florida. Therefore, it?s best to avoid water damage at all costs.?


Here?s What You Can Do to Prevent Water Damage

Now that we know what to expect, let?s explore how we can decrease the likelihood of a water damage remediation specialist!?

  • Contact a Roofing Professional Before Storms?

When it comes to securing your home before a strong storm, it truly does take a village. The roofing expert will be the company to tell you what on your roof isn?t working. They?ll tell you where you have weak spots, where there is already pending water damage, and where you?re missing shingles or tiles. With their experience and services, you?ll be able to repair vulnerable elements before a hurricane weakens them further.?

  • Trim Large Trees?

Even if your roof is secure or brand new, there?s still a chance that flying debris could damage the structure. One of the easiest ways for this to happen is from large tree branches shattering the roof of your home. With large or small punctures, the torrential downpours associated with hurricanes and tropical storms can leave a small lake within your living room! Trimming nearby trees can minimize the likelihood of this happening.?

  • Use Sandbags?

Sandbags are incredible options for front doors, side doors, and low windows. The weight and absorbent nature of the sand stops the water from overflowing into the cracks and crevices. It?s important to note that though sandbags are a preferred method for water control during surges, hurricanes, and storms, they don?t always help if the floor waters are strong enough. However, it?s a precaution worth taking.?


  • Contact a Water Damage Specialist?


Last, but not least, we encourage you to call a water damage specialist, as they?ll be able to help you identify what needs to be fixed, repaired, or replaced prior to a large storm. With their help, you can take action to fix anything that needs assistance before it?s too late.?


MVP Environmental Solutions Can Help!

At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc., we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients pre and post-hurricane season. From large storms to broken appliances, to AC leaks and roof problems, we?re here to give our guidance and expertise. We have over 40 years in the remediation business and assist with devastations such as water, fire, mold, and more. When your home is in danger, there?s no time to waste. We?ll even work with public adjusters, insurance adjusters, mechanical contractors, microbiologists, and more to ensure that everything is as it should be. There?s no job too large for our teams to handle! Contact our team today at 954-787-3961 for our help with a water damage remediation in Pompano Beach!?