Powerful hurricanes can be devastating, especially in Florida. In fact, we’re about to approach hurricane season in the next few weeks. It’s never too soon to be prepared. Hurricanes can cause flooding, wind damage, and more, which may leave you needing water restoration in Pompano Beach. Calling a professional is the first thing you should do after a hurricane, but what other tips should you consider?

Water Restoration in Pompano Beach and other post-hurricane tips

Take photos of any damage immediately after you call a professional. Collect images of any structural damage, flooding, fallen trees, and more. Also, be sure that your camera or phone is documenting the time and date so that you can show this to your insurance companies. A great mold and water damage remediation company should be able to help you with your claims.

If your home is flooded, secure any valuables if you have to leave the premises for a few days. There are a few household items that restoration can help to repair, but smaller and more fragile items should be taken with you so that they remain safe and secure in your care.

You will also want to find a new temporary location for the next couple of days. A restoration company, like MVP Environmental Solutions, can let you immediately know if you’re able to stay in the home or not, but if there is mold damage, you may be looking at a hotel stay or visiting with friends or family. Mold and mildew can begin growing within twenty-four hours of mold damage; therefore, it’s important that, again, you call the professionals as soon as possible.

MVP Environmental Services works closely with our customers to inform them throughout the process. We know how nerve-wracking it can be as a homeowner or business owner when destruction strikes, but with our team of professionals and experts, we guarantee we’ll have your home back up and running in no time. From water removal to mold removal, to water restoration in Pompano Beach, MVP Environmental Services does it all! Never let water damage experiences stress you out. Instead, call the experts at MVP at (954) 247 – 9444 as soon as you can!