What to do when mold sneaks into your home?

While most people on the east coast look forward to the summertime, for South Florida residents it can often be a dreaded time of year due to the oppressive heat and humidity and like this year, a host to lots of rain storms. While we try to make the best of it with outdoor fun in the sun?think picnics on the beach and family barbecue time, there is no denying that the constant humidity and dampness can invade our home in a very sneaky way often times leaving us with nasty mold to contend with. When humidity and dampness permeate your?air?conditioning ducts or a large amount of rainfall causes your roof to leak inside your home, you may be setting the stage for mold. There is no denying that where there is standing water, there is a reason for mold to grow. At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc., we know that finding mold in your home can be a cause for concern and sometimes panic. But there are ways to control mold growth if you know what to look for. We are one of the best Pompano Beach mold removal companies in South?Florida with decades of experience controlling and re-mediating mold.?

If you see signs of mold or water damage, it?s time to call on the experts at MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. to ensure that your mold and water damage is re-mediated right away. Water damage takes about 48 hours to set in before mold starts to grow, so if you notice any leaks there is no time to waste in calling on expert Pompano Beach mold removal.?

What signs of mold should I look for in my home??

Sometimes, mold is not always easy to spot in your home. It sneaks around creeping and growing inside walls, floors, ceilings and air conditioner ducts. But don?t despair altogether! Because there are some ways that you can tell if you have a mold problem. The telltale blackish green discoloration on walls, floors or ceilings is one way to discover it. Other clues might be more obvious indicating that it?s time to call an expert Pompano Beach mold removal company like MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc.? They include:?

  • You smell a strange musty odor??
  • Wallpaper that is not too old starts to fray at the edges.?
  • Your walls feel a little damp?
  • Your flooring is starting to buckle and feels a little damp.?
  • You recently had a dishwasher or washing machine leak.???
  • Condensation develops inside your air conditioner unit. (Your AC serviceman will be able to inform you of this development).?
  • Your family is sneezing a bit more than usual.?

Depending on the severity of your mold damage, its location and length, there are several approaches our experts at MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. may take to re-mediate your mold. Our Pompano Beach mold removal company uses the latest technologies to fully analyze the extent of your mold and water damage. Call our team of experts today at (954) 247-9444 to get to the root of the problem fast.?