How do I get rid of mold??

Although the trees, grass and plants benefit greatly from the amount of water we?ve been receiving daily in Fort Lauderdale this month, it can also be a cause for concern when homeowners experience some type of water and mold damage due to heavy rains. Are you seeing signs of mold growth in your Fort Lauderdale home or business due to a roof or window leak? Do you know what to look for? Mold growth is generally a blackish green or dark black stain usually caused by some type of water damage. When you see this stain on your ceiling, walls or flooring, it is most likely a situation that will not resolve on its own. So, what should you do when you see mold? As soon as you notice mold growth in?your?home, call a Fort Lauderdale mold removal company as soon as possible.? The mold removal experts at MVP Environmental Solutions have decades of experience meeting the mold remediation needs of families in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida.??

Why?Opt?for Mold Testing in Fort Lauderdale???

When you hire a Fort Lauderdale mold removal company like MVP Environmental Solutions to get rid of your mold ?rest assured that we will do everything to ensure it does not return. We also offer mold testing and follow up visits to make sure your home remains mold free! Mold grows in moist environments, and Fort Lauderdale?s high humidity makes it the perfect locale to invite mold growth. You not alone, many homes and businesses in the area have mold problems, and this is even more common after water damage from storms like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael. This storm season, don?t be plagued by mold or water damage. Make all necessary repairs to your roof and windows to avoid this problem. Mold testing is an important part of the services at MVP Environmental Solutions, it helps residents understand the type of mold they’re faced with, because there are many different types and some are more harmful than others. Don?t wait?your health is important –make sure you have your home in Fort Lauderdale tested for mold today.??

Is mold making me sick??

There are many types of mold that can form in your home and visual cues alone are not enough to determine the type of mold you have. Although most mold is not harmful, there are some forms of mold that can cause serious health problems to you and your family from exposure such as:??

  • Asthma Attacks??
  • Migraine Headaches??
  • Memory Loss?
  • Sinus Infections?
  • Respiratory problems?
  • Nosebleeds??
  • Shortness of breath?
  • Skin Rashes???
  • Hay Fever Symptoms????

The type of mold you?re facing will no doubt influence your health and determine your mold remediation needs.? If you?ve recently had flooding, leaky pipes or other water damage in your home, mold growth may likely follow unless it is cleaned up within 48 hours. Rest assured that the experienced technicians at MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. can help! We offer only the best Fort Lauderdale mold removal services. If you suspect mold or water damage, don?t wait until it gets worse–give us a call today at (954) 247-9444!