Mold: every home owner?s worst nightmare. Often unnoticed until it?s too late, mold can cause serious health and safety hazards for you and your family. Left unchecked, it can spread and cause irreversible damage to your home?s infrastructure and lead to illness or injury. With Florida summers bringing sporadic rains and the constant threat of a hurricane, mold thrives in the warm, moist weather. As a home owner, recognizing the signs of mold is crucial. If you notice any of these five signs, contact a Pompano Beach mold removal company like MVP Environmental Solutions immediately!?

Moldy Scent?

The smell of mold is distinct and easy to recognize, especially in humid, warm spaces. The scent of mold is often compared to old, wet newspaper or rotten wood, and it permeates the room, lingering even after you open windows or use an air freshener. If you smell mold, try to follow your nose to the source. While you may not be able to see it immediately, the scent of mold may lead you to finding growth in the walls, vents, or flooring.?

Breathing Trouble or Nosebleeds?

One of the most common concerns about finding mold in your apartment, condo, or home is the effect it can have on you and your family?s health. Infants, young children, and the elderly are the most susceptible to illness caused by mold, as well as those with impaired immune systems.??

As mold grows, it releases spores into the air which can trigger allergic reactions or cause sickness. In some serious cases of prolonged exposure, black mold can be dangerous. Unfortunately, the common symptoms of mold exposure may be confused with the common cold or seasonal allergies. However, if a sickness seems stubborn and lingers for weeks on end, there may be an external cause.??

MVP Environmental Solutions specializes in mold removal in Pompano Beach and across South Florida. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our specialists! We can conduct a comprehensive inspection and create a personalized mold removal plan for your health and safety.?

Warped Floors and Bubbling Walls?

Not sure where the mold is living in your home? Check the walls and floors. Mold grows where there is moisture and it produces moisture in return, which may cause warping in wood floors or bubbles and lumps in the walls and ceiling. If you notice any of these signs, don?t attempt to solve it yourself. ?Popping? a bubble caused by trapped mold or water can make the problem worse. Instead, contact MVP Environmental Solutions. Florida licensed and with over 40 years or experience, we can resolve any mold issue quickly and at your convenience!?

Visible Mold?

The most obvious sign of a mold problem is visible spores and colonies. Mold can often be found in dark, humid spaces like closets, attics, and other storage spaces. If you find mold colonies growing around your home, odds are there?s a larger issue at hand. Be sure to have an expert in mold removal inspect your home to ensure all colonies are cleared and sanitized.?

Untreated Water Damage?

If you know your home has recently experienced water damage from flooding or leaking pipes, the risk of mold development is increased without proper cleaning and treatment. Simply drying your floors or carpet isn?t enough to protect your home from mold. Untreated water damage can seep into furniture, drywall, wood, or other porous surfaces, allowing mold to grow unnoticed for weeks or months. Always follow up with a mold removal specialist to make sure your home is safe.?

If you?ve noticed any of these signs of mold in your home, contact MVP Environmental Solutions. We can help.