Mold grows in moist environments, and Pompano Beach?s high humidity makes it the perfect environment for mold growth. Many homes and businesses in the area have mold problems, and this is even more common after water damage from storms like Hurricane Irma. If you?re suspecting mold?damage in your property, it?s time to call on our team at?MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc.?We offer expert mold removal in Pompano Beach. Mold testing is an important part of our services, it helps occupants understand the type of mold they’re facing. If you?re suspecting mold, it?s important to opt for our mold testing as well.?

Why is mold testing in Pompano Beach so important?

While mold removal in Pompano Beach is imperative, mold testing is also important. At?MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc., we know that?mold testing is an important part of this service. There are many types of mold that can form in Pompano Beach, and visual cues alone are not enough to determine the type and severity of your mold. Mold can cause various health problems from exposure:?

  • Nasal Irritation?
  • Asthma Attacks?
  • Headaches?
  • Memory Problems?
  • Sinus Irritation?
  • Coughing??
  • Nosebleeds?
  • Shortness of Breath?
  • Skin Rashes??
  • Red Eyes?
  • Hay Fever Symptoms???
  • Mood Swings?

These symptoms all fall into one of four categories- allergic illness, irritant effects, toxic effects and infection. The type of mold you?re facing and your specific sensitivities to mold will influence the challenges you face.??

With mold testing in Pompano Beach, our team at?MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc.?can determine the mold that?s causing your symptoms. Black Mold is one of the most dangerous types of mold, it can cause memory problems and severe?life threatening?reactions. With mold testing, we can determine if your mold is Black Mold or another type of mold. After you learn which type of mold you?re facing, you can better address the symptoms and seek out any necessary treatments.??

How can I get started with mold testing and mold removal in Pompano Beach?

If you?re seeing signs or symptoms of mold in your home or business, it?s important to call our mold removal experts at?MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc.?asap. The sooner you schedule your mold removal in Pompano Beach, the sooner you can address mold and its dangers. Our team at?MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc.?offers the best mold removal and mold testing in Pompano Beach. Call us today to get started!??