When it comes to water damage, every second counts.

Whether it’s a flooded laundry room, kitchen, floor or entire building, the same principles apply when remediating water damage. Get there quickly and start drying as soon as possible to mitigate loss.

The safety and health of your family or building occupants is our first priority. Once we have determined whether or not the water is safe, MVP is then ready to take steps toward remediation.

We start by removing excess water with a variety of extraction equipment including vacuums, squeegees and compression extractors to name a few. If necessary, we remove any water-logged and unsalvageable material. We want to stop the spread of water to minimize primary damage.

We then want to start the drying process through the careful control of air movement, temperature and relative humidity in the affected areas. By using specialized dehumidifying and drying equipment at this stage, we can minimize or eliminate the possibility of secondary damage like rot and mold growth.

Finally, we continue to monitor the situation daily by taking detailed psychometric readings to make sure we are maintaining balanced drying conditions. If needed, we adjust our drying set up along the way to make sure we get to our predetermined drying goals all in the hope of getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Mold can begin growing within 24-hours of water damage. Let MVP stop that from happening.


Seconds count with water damage. Call us now at (954) 247-9444