Specializing in mold growth removal, remediation and clean-up.

The root word is “remedy,” and when we get involved in a mold remediation project, we are attempting to remedy the house or building of the potentially dangerous effects of mold growth. This can be as simple as controlling the humidity of a room or as complex as a partial tear-down and replace.

Most of the time, only certain areas of the house or building are affected. It is important for MVP to identify the problem areas, remove the elements that are affected and dispose of them in a safe and proper manner. Hopefully, we can solve the problem without having to do major work, but if needed, our experts use the utmost care and caution, adhering to strict industry standards, when demolition and removal are required.

Once the affected areas have been removed, MVP does a rough clean in the contaminated area and a thorough (micro) clean on any portions of the structure necessary once the contained area has been removed.

Finally, we do post-remediation testing to make sure the environment is free of mold and that it is safe to return for your family members or building occupants. It is our primary goal to “remedy” the problem so that you can get back to your life quickly and with peace of mind.

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In cases where mold contamination is suspected, the first order of business is to track down the moisture sources that are creating the conditions favorable to its amplification.


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