Family member or building occupants sick, allergies, headaches? It could be mold.

MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. is licensed to inspect residential and commercial buildings for evidence of mold that may be adversely affecting building occupants’ health and the value of the property. Using a variety of testing and sampling tools, our trained technicians implement the latest testing technology and consult with Certified Environmental Hygienists to find, collect, classify and determine the extent of damage so that it can be removed quickly and effectively. Mold mycotoxins for some people can be very nasty when inhaled so it is important to remove them in a fast and safe way.

Our services include inspecting the property for visual signs of mold, airborne and surface testing for mold, determination of mold type, recommendations for removal/remediation of mold and final sampling to insure clean-up was successful.

Mold can cause a number of health issues if inhaled.

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