Sheriff Sues Prison Deputy and Parish over Toxic Mold

We recently came across an interesting article about mold and its effects on city inhabitants. The city of New Orleans, as well as a Sheriff who worked at the New Orleans Parish Prison, are being sued by a prison guard due to mold-related health effects. Much of the early work that MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. embarked on was completed in the New Orleans Parish following the Hurricane Katrina damage.

Deputy Donald Marshall Jr. experienced symptoms such as coughing, trouble breathing and allergic sensitivity, which may have been caused by mold and its inadequate removal within the prison. Sheriff Marlin Gusman is being sued for not providing protective gear to the deputy or inmates exposed, even though outside contractors involved in the prison were seen wearing breathing masks within the courthouse basement. Claims declared within the lawsuit state that prison staff painted over the known mold-damage areas and used bleach to try to control it. Any proper mold inspector knows that this will not solve the problem and may actually exacerbate it. A corrections expert, Susan McCampbell, testified that she also witnessed considerable amounts of mold damage on ceilings and walls in one of the jail?s buildings during a recent surprise visit. In her words, ?It?s like when your mother in-law comes to visit- there?s a lot of cleaning right before we get there. You can tell by the smell of bleach?.

After this incident, former and current inmates and staff were asked to seek medical help if they have experienced symptoms such as respiratory and nasal problems. This is a good example of?how mold can be found anywhere and affect everyone, no matter what state you live in or what occupation you have. It would be wise to go with a reliable company who can eradicate mold in an investigative, analytical and permanent way instead of just looking for a quick fix. Anyone claiming that they can quickly paint over or kill mold with bleach may cause the mold spores to penetrate into the air, further causing unnecessary health risks to building occupants. What is needed is an in-depth investigation, analysis, and correction of the problem, and MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. can help you accomplish this. We service Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County. Ironically, we have also done mold removal and inspections in local jails too!

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