South Miami Votes to Split Florida into Two Separated States to help Combat Future Flooding

South Miami councilmembers are concerned about the 3 to 6 foot rise in sea level that is expected by the year 2100, and are fed up with waiting around for Florida?s capital-Tallahassee?to do something about it.

Much of South Florida is low-lying land that sits atop of porous bedrock, which is very delicate in terms of water damage. Even a small rise in sea level can cause flooding and threatens the area?s groundwater supply. Mayor Philip Stoddard stated that the northern part of Florida has a very lackadaisical attitude about flooding in South Florida, and that his efforts to help curb future flooding caused by a rise in sea level are being ignored. A drastic action- such as threatening to secede from the state of Florida- may help raise awareness for the issue and bring much needed aid to prevent flooding damage to South Florida.

Under the northern border of South Florida would be Brevard, Polk, Orange, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. The new state line would be drawn north of Orlando, Tampa and Clearwater. The state of South Florida would account for 23,000 square miles- an area containing about 67 % of Florida?s current population.

Although the capital has not been very responsive to concerns about sea level rise, there are still local actions being taken to help alleviate the problem. Four South Florida counties have formed the Southeast Regional Climate Compact to create an accurate, research-based projection for sea level rise, and a Regional Action Plan has been authorized to help adapt policies to each county?s individual needs. However, local efforts can only go so far without help from the state.

Here at MVP Environmental Solutions, we encounter some of the permanent and life-changing damage that can be caused by unexpected flooding situations. Rising sea levels can lead to more catastrophic high tides and inland flooding. In turn these cause countless problems- as small and microscopic as mold to as large as flooded basements and overflowing sewers.

If you experience water damage, call us at 954-907-2323 and we will come to your property right away to get your home happy and healthy again!

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