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They were unbelievable. They did a great job and I was very impressed.
Michael K.
Leo and his team were very courteous and professional. They made the process as comfortable as possible.
Renee P.
Very Professional, very friendly and on time, reasonable prices, very informative on what he was doing.
Amber D.

Very pleasant and professional. Was an advocate for me during the claim with the insurance company.

Vivian R.

Leo is prompt and responds quickly. Very knowledgeable.

Iris S.
First contractor that I have met who’s been honest and punctual! Within 10 minutes of a leaving a message, I received a call back from Leo Gordon. I explained the situation at hand, Leo himself came out along with his crew to assess the damage. Upon arrival they were able to assess the damage and begin clean up. At that time Leo (owner) was able to explain in great detail what/how the process would be/work, along with the knowledge of potential mold damage that could be within the walls and flooring, due to a child being in the house, he highly recommended the area be tested for my child’s safety along with mine. With this demeanor my mind was put at ease knowing he was being honest and took the time to explain things and answer any questions I had, along with dealing with the insurance company (adjuster) on my behalf. Not many people would go that extra mile nowadays. Leo himself and the MVP crew got the job completed in a timely manner, with no additional costs beyond the estimate. MVP Environmental/Leo are a crew of courteous, professional individuals who are honest, punctual and reliable. I would and have recommended them to friends/family members. If you are looking for a company that will be honest, professional and makes you feel at ease with whatever your situation may be then I highly recommend calling MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc./Leo Gordon.

Leo Gordon quickly responded to my email and remediated the air quality. He coordinated with an air conditioning company. I was extremely sick. All my medical tests were negative. I was very dizzy and weak and losing lots of weight. I could not shower and dress myself safely and hired a home health aide to care for me. A certified natural health practitioner came to my home and suggested that I have a mold evaluation. Leo was prompt to evaluate and remediate the first phase of the air quality. My health returned. By the third day, I returned to my daily exercise program, walked 2 miles and felt rejuvenated. A leak was discovered after I had the vanity removed. Now Leo is communicating with the insurance adjuster and helping with the claim. He is delightful to work with and very professional. His team will be remodeling my shower, where mold seems to be and tiling the closets for the next phase. I am grateful to Leo for his quick response, handling insurance and my return to health.

While kids were sick, one of the previous tenants knocked on our door to check if we had received a piece of mail for them. They told us that the house had mold and that owners did not have home remediated correctly which is why they moved out. The very next day I had the house tested with a different mold testing company who turned out to be very unprofessional and seemed to not be fully educated on how to properly test for mold.

It was that day that I called Leo Gordon from MVP Environmental in hopes that I would have a better experience the second time around. Leo with MVP Environmental came highly recommended by a microbiologist at a lab I contacted. As soon as I dialed, Leo answered and very kindly and professionally listened to and explained things to me. I had never experienced a mold issue before and he was very thorough in explaining everything to me. The kids were diagnosed with Bronchitis due to mold exposure the next day at pediatrician which is when we decided to leave the home and relocate to a hotel until we figured everything out. Leo was there guide us through the whole process of going to hotel with clothing and belongings that were clean or new. When the time came to move, Leo remediated all our furniture and belongings before they were moved into the new home at an extremely fair price. He was patient, informative, helpful and extremely kind and professional every step of they way. I also had him come out and do testing in the new home for peace of mind. After all of the hotel, remediation, testing and moving expenses he was patient in allowing me a couple weeks to pay for the testing at new home.

Leo with MVP Environmental did all mold testing, delivered all mold reports, took pictures and always answered his phone faster than I would have ever expected. He is extremely informative, educated, kind, patient and pleasant in how he handles his business. He is extremely flexible and works really well in accommodating the client for the time and date needed and especially in emergency situations is willing to do what it takes to help his clients. It is very hard to find companies like MVP Environmental and men like Leo Gordon who are educated, kind, patient, honest, accommodating and perform the work in such a timely manner. It was truly a PLEASURE to have had him perform all the testing, remediation and mold cleanup and I would most definitely recommend him to all my family and friends as well as anyone needing mold testing or remediation. FIVE STARS!

When my family moved into a new home in January we never imagined it would have a huge mold issue. The home was freshly painted, had a brand new kitchen, new wood floors, new a/c and it smelled very fresh. We were so happy with deciding to rent the house and quickly settled in. A couple weeks later my 4 year old daughter and 15 month old son started getting sick. The kids were coughing, sneezing, congested, tired, had watery eyes and started wheezing.


I really cannot say enough about the service I received from MVP Environmental Solutions and its owner Leo Gordon. In my situation, I had tenants on the property and they failed to notify me of any issues until one of their guests let them know the home smelled of mold, which resulted in mold developing for quite some time. I left messages one evening for MVP and another company and was eager to get this issue taken care of. It was not even 20 minutes that I received a call from Leo Gordon. I explained the situation and he walked me through the process since this was the first time I was dealing with this type of issue and also knowing I had tenants living in the home. He said he would be available right away to inspect the home and test and he also communicated the same with my tenants once he arrived on premises. I truly appreciated the quick response and the ability of making me feel at ease. I was sent an estimate soon after the inspection and scheduled the remediation work that same week while placing my difficult tenants at a resort for a whole week even though the work only took 3 days very quick turnaround. When Leo got on premises that’s when the tenants notified him of a second leak in the dining area, which seemed dry but I didn’t want to take chances. Turns out tenants had a bathroom leak upstairs and failed to let anyone know not good at all. Not only did Leo also take the time and remove the ceiling, test and inspect the area but he also got a plumber to come in and fix the bathroom leak. This alleviated SO much stress from me that I was blown away. I really cannot express my gratitude to MVP/Leo in dealing with all the issues but also dealing with my tenants, he was amazing. He responded to my calls immediately which was wonderful, who does that nowadays. In the meantime, I had received a call from the other company I called but they told me it would be best that they speak with my insurance adjuster and that I should provide them with their contact information. All I kept asking for was a quote after they came in to check the areas in the house, they were insisting on speaking with the insurance company before the quote that should tell you something. My experience was exceptional. Leo Gordon takes great pride in the work he does and genuinely cares about each person he deals with and goes beyond what is expected of him so if anyone is looking for exceptional service, do not hesitate to contact MVP Environmental Solutions, you will not be disappointed.

Contractor with honesty and integrity! Leo (owner) was punctual, responsive, pleasant at all times, great to his workers, performed high quality work and most importantly, was always honest! I cannot say enough good things about this company.?I received three quotes for the job and MVP had the most competitive price. It was so important to my wife and I to have an honest contractor like Leo for this type of difficult work on our home. After meeting Leo, you will be able to tell right away that he is an honest person who practices with integrity. In terms of quality of work, after repair and removal of the water damage areas, our walls were sanded with exactness such that I am unable to see that there was ever any work performed. It is without hesitation that I recommend Leo’s company, MVP environmental.

I contacted Mr. Leo Gordon from MVP Environmental Solutions Inc. to come to my Townhouse because we suspected mold. He came as soon as possible, when I called, did a very thorough and complete inspection inside the house and also in the patio area. He submitted the complete report within 2 days, this company and specially this young man was very courteous, professional, considerate, very punctual with his time and mine. I was very satisfied with the fast response, courtesy and professionalism and would highly recommend this company to do home inspections, I would definitely keep their information and use them in the future if the need arises.

MVP removed and remediated mold found in the wall in the middle of a remodel and found extensive mold with in the walls, Leo came by that night to give estimate. He was very informative on options and pricing. We hired his company they were on time as scheduled, very professional and courteous. Went above and beyond to be sure everything was done correctly. Leo followed up and would definitely hire again if this happened again.


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