Water damage in the home or place of business is an all too familiar scene in South Florida, this time of year, but it happens. After all, this is rainy season and worse?hurricane season ? a double whammy!? If your property has been damaged by water, you need water damage service in Pompano Beach, right away.? Call the experts – MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc.?

When Needing Water Damage Service in Pompano Beach, Call MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc.?

MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. is available around the clock. Water damage needs to be addressed immediately. Upon arrival, the first thing we do is determine whether the water is safe or not and if we get the all clear, we start the remediation process right away.??

It?s crucial to get that water up and out of your home, with a quickness, for many reasons. The following issues that can develop:?

  • Bacteria and mold, which could lead to illness?
  • Structural damage?
  • Standing water and electrocution?
  • Your home could rot?

We remove the access water with a variety of extraction equipment, including vacuums, squeegees, and compression extractors. If necessary, we remove any water-logged and unsalvageable material. The drying process comes next. We do this by carefully controlling the air movement, temperature and relative humidity in the affected areas, by using specialized dehumidifying and drying equipment.?

No job is too big for our team to handle. The state of Florida licenses MVP as an assessment and remediation company, and we handle the following services:?

  • Water Damage & Removal?
  • Mold Inspection & Testing?
  • Mold Damage & Removal?
  • Fire & Smoke Damage?
  • Disaster, Flood & Storm Damage?

When needing water damage service in Pompano Beach, call the reputable professionals –?MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc., at (954) 247-9444. We need to get to work right away, to minimize the risk of further damage. Every second counts!?