We spend much of our time inside. We sleep there, love our family there, and practice beautiful practices each and every day. Therefore, one would imagine that the quality of the home would be at the top of anyone?s list. Yet, most people don?t realize just how dangerous elements of their house could be. There could be devastations lurking in plain sight. Mold is one of these intruders and it?s not uncommon that it causes health issues in the lungs of loved ones. It?s important for mold testing in Pompano Beach and beyond in order to ensure that everyone stays safe, healthy, and secure.

What Causes the Need for Mold Testing in Pompano Beach?

Mold grows in areas where it is dark and damp. Some examples of an area such as this would be within walls during a pipe break, inside AC units, and underneath floorboards that had one too many appliance leaks. Whatever the case may be, homeowners often don?t realize just how many opportunities there are for mold to become an unwelcomed, yet silent, visitor. The downside about mold is that not all types are visible to the human eye, making it very easy to miss. Fortunately, with mold testing, homeowners can have a better awareness of their family?s health and wellness.

At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. we offer mold testing as one of our top services. As water damage repair experts, it?s no question that these two issues generally go hand-in-hand. Leaks sometimes go unnoticed, especially if they?re hidden. Alternatively, homeowners assume that a simple towel-dry clean-up will be enough. Water sinks into surfaces rather quickly, and leave long-lasting, damaging effects.

We use incredible machinery that is able to detect mold. We begin our service by inspecting the property for any visually noticeable signs of mold. Any airborne or surface particles we may see, we take note of. We also want to identify what type of mold we?re dealing with. There are some that are more dangerous than others, which may change the way we deal with the problem. Some of the most common side effects of mold damage are headaches, flu or allergy-like symptoms, itchy eyes, troubles breathing, plenty of sneezing, and more. If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these symptoms, it?s best to call a mold expert right away.

At MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. we strive to help our clients find the source and repair as quickly as possible. We know that you have a busy life, and the last thing you need is another issue on your hands. Fortunately, however, our team has many years of experience, professionalism, and craftsmanship. We?re here to solve your mold problem once and for all. Simply give us a call at 954-247-9444 and see how we can help you clean up the mess.