Now that we are in June it?s time to start rearranging our priorities, with hurricane preparedness being at the top of the list. Hurricane season is quite different every year with one-year people in Florida throwing hurricane parties during a tropical storm and the next people boarding up their homes and fighting over water bottles in Publix. Whatever outcome it is and whatever category you have fallen into, it?s important to stay calm and collected when news of a hurricane hits. Hurricanes are usually far away when we find out they are heading our way which gives all of us Florida residents plenty of time to prepare. The big question now is, how do we properly prepare? While some of us may already have this down to the t, others may not have been here yet during a bad hurricane. All we have to say is lucky you because they are not fun and can be pretty scary. However, preparing the right way can bring a lot of peace of mind regardless of if the hurricane hits. Follow along with this guide to get all of the information on what you do and don?t need this summer.


Stock Up on the Important Stuff

Hurricanes defining trait is that they are predictable yet unpredictable at the same time. For whatever reason, they like to play games with us and change their direction all the time, which means you have no choice but to prepare. If there?s a hurricane you are preparing because if that path changes and you didn?t prepare, you?re out of luck. People in Florida like to go crazy over hurricane supplies so we recommend getting these supplies earlier on as opposed to the last minute. Supplies such as the following are vital:


. Batteries

. Flashlights

. Canned good/non-perishable food

. Water bottles

. A generator

. Pet food

. First aid kit

. Tool kit

. Baby supplies


There are other items you can get such as board games that while they aren?t essential, they can be pretty helpful in the event of a power outage. However, the above list are the supplies you need to survive. Not to say that hurricanes are deadly, but if the power goes out for a long period and the roads are filled with debris you may not be able to get any of the above items. This is where the whole preparation for the hurricane even if it isn?t coming towards us situation comes into play. It?s always better to be overprepared rather than underprepared for these things. Especially since hurricane season just began meaning we have months ahead of us. If you don?t use all of your supplies during the first hurricane you can always use them for the second one.


Protect Your Properties

Hurricanes can do a whole lot of damage, especially when they climb into the higher categories. While this can be scary, it?ll be a whole lot less scary when you know your properties are properly boarded up. We recommend putting up shutters as soon as you hear about a hurricane nearing. If you are new to Florida you will notice that as soon as one hurricane is announced, the shutters will go up and stay up until October. You may think we are joking but these shutters are not easy to put up. Keeping them up for the duration of the season is a whole lot easier than constantly having to put them up and take them down.?


When it comes down to it, hurricanes are no joke. These storms have the power to form other storms such as tornadoes, tear down infrastructures, cause power outages, and more. And while there is nothing we can do to stop them from occurring, we can properly prepare to ensure our loved ones have the necessary supplies. It?s much better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to these storms. Worst case scenario you do not need to buy water bottles for a few months. To learn more about MVP Environmental Solutions, Inc. and hurricane preparedness, give us a call today at (954) 247-9444.